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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new patient. Can I fill out my forms before I come in for my first visit?
Certainly! You can access all of our new patient forms online at this page now: http://www.markajohnsonfamilydentistry.com/new_patients.htm

Additionally, you may call or e-mail our office, and we can either fax, mail or e-mail the forms directly to you.

Consent To Dental Treatment Form

Whiter TeethCan I have whiter teeth?
Yes, you can! We have been whitening patients' teeth for several years. With our custom-made bleaching trays, you can have whiter teeth in as little as two weeks.
Our proven whitening system contains fluoride that minimizes sensitivity which may
occur in most over-the-counter systems. A bright, sparkling smile can make a big difference for everyone.

Do you place crowns in your practice?
Yes, in fact, we have over twenty years of experience in all types of crown and bridge work. We offer the latest in esthetic porcelains that can instantly transform your smile. In addition, we place porcelain laminate veneers which minimize the loss of tooth structure and enhance your smile.

Are x-rays really necessary?X-ray
Definitely, yes. In order to properly diagnose and treat your case, radiographs are very important. They can help us see silent problems such as periodontal disease, chronic abcesses and certain neoplasms (or growths) in the bone.
What about radiation exposure?
Fear not. Our state-of-the-art digital radiography system reduces the amount of exposure by ninety percent (90%). We are very proud of this system which can aid in the education of patients in regards to treatment modalities.

Dental Health GuidesHow can I better understand the dental procedures you recommend?
Our website features links to our Patient Education System and Dental Health Guides which you can use as online dental resources. You can even print out these topics for future reference.

Dental Health Guides and Dental HealthRx work hand in hand to deliver accurate, clinically correct, up-to-date dental healthcare information. Combined, they create a valuable resource for the dental education you require. We can "prescribe" a specific Dental Health Guide that relates to your specific needs and concerns. To quickly access the DHG, you simply enter the Dental HealthRx code in the Dental HealthRx Code box and then click "Submit".

We also offer CAESY educational videos for in-office viewing which explain most dental procedures in detail. We will even burn an educational CD, personally designed just for you, to watch at home.

What about implants?
Implants are here to stay. Due to osseous integration, the overall success rate of today's implants is over ninety percent (90%). We will diagnose the need for implants to replace missing teeth and then restore appropriately.

Do you accept dental insurance?
We accept all types of dental insurance and will be glad to submit claims for you. However, we do not treat our patients based on insurance coverage. Rather, we offer treatment options to optimize your
oral health.
In addition, we are not members of any preferred provider insurance group. We feel this would be unfair to our other patients and would allow insurance to dictate your treatment. The lower reimbursement of payment by dental HMO-type groups can only lead to a lesser standard of care. We will never allow insurance companies to dictate how we treat our patient family.

Should I remove all of my amalgam (silver) fillings?Tooth With Silver Filling
Our practice follows the guidelines of the American Dental Association with respect
to amalgam. We believe amalgam is a safe restoration and continues to have a place in dentistry. That being said, ninety percent (90%) of all fillings placed in our
practice are composite (tooth-colored). We simply like the look and function of composite. For larger restoration needs, onlays and crowns are recommended.

If you have an additional question that has not been answered in this section,
please feel free to contact us.




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